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Wendy Sherman

I don’t want to go to war again

In the plenary which took place yesterday before we had the president I was privileged to be there with the secretary and each after the camera left each of the ministers made a statement about what it meant to them.
The secretary of state was the last person to speak and he went to his remarks and at the end of it the secretary Kerry completely impromptu said when I was 22 I went to war and he was choked up for few minutes. He couldn’t get the words out and everybody was completely spelled bound and he got his voice and said I went to war and it became clear to me that I don’t want to go to war again!
  2015-07-16 10:54:02
Marcus Lemonis

If you want to succeed in business, do this!

If you want to be successful in business, you have to get down on the level with everybody else! If you don't feel like where they were supposed to be, you have to go even lower and take them with you and have them understand that the business is built on the floor not in the ceiling.
The business is built out in the shop not in the office. The business is built on a sales call not a phone call.
So, I think you have to actually show people that you are willing to do it and when you show them that you are willing to do it without discussion, without patting yourself on the back then when you ask them to do it the expectations are very high.
  2015-07-09 04:13:26
Julia Hartz

Three tips for young executives

First, place your risk in a box and set aside your fear.
Second, don't be too risk averse!
Third, know your strength
  2015-06-30 03:49:39

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